Reliable Websites

General News

*Disclaimer: These news sources, through this survey, have been generally regarded as trustworthy and unbiased. However, there is not enough research out there to guarantee that they are 100% unbiased, which is why you should always evaluate the information given to you. Here are some resources that can help you determine whether something is legitimate or not: The Principles of Journalism and Six questions that will tell you what media to trust.

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"C-Span offers live access to congress and straightforward government news. Zero bias. They are about as neutral as it can get. They do have news programs that have some bias, but this varies by program.  Otherwise, C-Span is a camera pointing to the front of congress and Senate."(Source)

C-Span is what would be considered a primary source. On C-Span, you can see our government in action live and use that to form your own opinions about what is happening instead of waiting for a reporter to relay the information.

Associated Press

"The Associated Press (AP) is an American multinational nonprofit news agency headquartered in New York City that operates as a cooperative, unincorporated association. The AP is owned by its contributing newspapers and radio and television stations in the United States, all of which contribute stories to the AP and use material written by its staff journalists. Reports breaking news with minimal bias and is always well sourced. (7/6/16)" (Source)


Science News


National Geographic

National Geographic provides articles on
our currently changing environment. They discuss everything from climate change to the discovery of new species.

Science News pulls together science articles into an easy to search website. There are a lot of science categories to search through, one of which is climate.


Ever wonder "What's the deal with Antartica and The Artic?" Nasa may have the answers you're looking for. Nasa has an entire section of their website dedicated to climate and climate change.