Saving Our Planet

Our mission is to inspire, energize and enable the entire community of humans to work together to save the planet and to convince world leaders to make the fight against climate change their number one priority. has tons of resources that can be utilized by everyone!

The PEW Charitable Trusts

“Informed by the founders’ interest in research, practical knowledge and a robust democracy, our portfolio has grown over time to include public opinion research; arts and culture; and environmental, health, state and consumer policy initiatives. Our mission is to:

  • Improve public policy by conducting rigorous analysis, linking diverse interests to pursue common cause and insisting on tangible results;
  • Inform the public by providing useful data that illuminate the issues and trends shaping our world;
  • Invigorate civic life by encouraging democratic participation and strong communities. In our hometown of Philadelphia, we support arts and culture organizations as well as institutions that enhance the well-being of the region’s neediest citizens.”

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